Qualified Engineers

Simple knowledge such as abilities to read drawings, use CAD, knowledge of our surveying equipment and with qualifications to satisfy your clients needs.

Civil Engineering Experience

We have years of combined expertise working on sites. Roads, bridges, wind farms, housing estates, hydro pipelines, landfill capping and cells, earthworks, steel frame buildings, RC structures.

Construction Knowledge

Understanding how structures are built means we can provide relevant setting out to your workforce. Our Engineers have inside out knowledge of their kit for setting out, topographical surveys, solving your engineering needs

We can assist you in making full use of existing programs
and equipment

  • If one cog fails..

    Our Engineers fit into your project like cogs in a machine. With our expertise and knowledge we are here to engineer your projects from start to finish.

  • Right People for the task

    Qualified, Experienced Engineers and Surveyors with knowledge of their equipment, how to best use it on your project to deliver what you need, when it's needed.

  • We see, we talk, we inform

    By taking an active part in your project we see, we talk, we help. We become an integral part of your project.

  • Right tools for the job

    To us it is essential that our equipment operates correctly so its there for us for you when we all need it. This is why we own our own GNSS and Total stations. We don't hire in so we aren't in the hands of couriers.

7 days a week!

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Vic set up Aim Projects in 2010 to provide Engineering and Surveying solutions to the construction and landfill industries. The business soon diversified into the renewables industry by supplying engineering services to wind farms, then hydro projects all across Scotland before further diversifying into roads, bridges, housing and industrial projects all across Northern England and Scotland.

Vic Walsh. Aim-Pro Ltd.